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Learn To Speak English Fluently

SpeakToday Spoken English courses are innovative, modern and use state-of-the-art technology.


There are many people who know reading and writing of English but find it difficult to speak while communicating with others. As we know, without speaking practice it's impossible to learn and speak any language. With the use of new technology, SpeakToday.com empowers student and professionals with excellent 'English Speaking' skills.

All courses comes with real-time online classes 'Instructor Support' (optional), videos, interactive learning modules and anytime English speaking practice using 'Headphone/Mic' Support. We help learners use grammatically correct sentences and speak English confidently using correct pronunciation.

Real-time Online-Classes

Online Classes through video conferencing. Talk to online instructors and find answers to your queries in real-time.

Speaking Practice

SpeakToday course offers anytime online-speaking practice in English. You can practice on your PC or SmartPhone.


Listening Comprehension

Interesting English stories, select any text to play its audio to help build listening skills, followed with many quizzes.

Certificates and Badges

Course completion certificates and golden badges for deserving students. Online job opportunities for freshers & job seekers.

 Online Tests

Time-based Speak-To-Answer quizzes to help learners speak English fluently with correct pronunciations and neutral accent.

 English Grammar Tutorials

Online Classes + English grammar tutorials videos of 40+ hours including animated daily speaking practice scenarios.


100% Money Back Guarantee

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Connect Your Headphone & Mic

A quick test of your microphone. Speaking practice exercise.


IMPORTANT: This speaking practice exercise can be completed only by speaking through your microphone. Please make sure your microphone is connected before you start this quiz. You must achieve at least 60% or above during this exercise.

Speaking Instructions: Try speaking each word loudly and clearly in a slow pace and stop only after speaking complete sentence.



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