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About SpeakToday Online Spoken English Courses

Learn Spoken English Online


SpeakToday offers world-class spoken English learning courses online. SpeakToday courses are designed keeping in mind the learners objective of gaining expertise in speaking English confidently. Courses include advanced interactive multimedia-based English grammar tutorials along with listening and speaking practice modules. There are various courses designed for students, entrepreneurs, job seekers and professionals.

SpeakToday’s objective is to offer a practical approach and help learners to speak English confidently. It ensures the learner go through a complete process of learning English grammar with the help of interactive speaking practice modules. SpeakToday program teaches all aspects of English communication through graphically rich, involving and time-based speak to answer quizzes. Learning is managed through its very easy and user-friendly interface so that anyone can learn through a computer. It uses built-in Speech Recognition Technology to prepare the learners from the day one to practice speaking in English with the help of a microphone on an internet-enabled computer.

Introducing speech recognition that allows learner to speak and get instant feedback on their spoken words accuracy.


SpeakToday online spoken English courses include-
  1. Audio/Visual Multimedia based tutorials.
  2. LIVE Online Instructor for a real-time classroom experience.
  3. Interactive Audio (Select Text to Play Audio for pronunciations)
  4. Speaking practice modules using headphone/mic.
  5. Vernacular learning support including Hindi, Punjabi, Odiya, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam languages.
  6. Practical, as it allows the learner to speak, listen and answer questions by speaking in multiple quizzes.
  7. Amazing daily interactive multimedia scenarios that make learning a pleasurable experience.
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SpeakToday.com is among TOP 10 Educational Websites in India
Published by Higher Education Review Magazine, August 2017.

As per the recent survey, SpeakToday.com is among the top 10 education websites in India by Higher Education Review Magazine. We thanks to all students and professionals supporting SpeakToday which has changed their lives for better.

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