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Are You Enjoying Easy Conversations With Other English Speakers?

In my life of 32 years, I have observed that more of the people know English these days and can speak the language fluently. Over the years, the fad for the English language has grown in India. Globalization is undoubtedly the contributing factor and has provided Indian people with a noble mission to speak in English.

If you are on your road to learning the language, you need smart native speakers to converse with you face to face. But, is it always possible to have them around? Indeed! It is a criterion that cannot always be fulfilled. But, still, you can give a thought to it by keeping in touch with more number of people who are open to speaking with you in English and offers you the desired environment. For that, you need to socialize more often. So if you are an introvert, it is going to be a big challenge for you.

To keep up with the pace, you should figure out whether you are going on a right track. For that, you have to monitor your confidence to speak the language and if you are focusing on learning the casual or formal dialect. Though, both the styles are significant, and the learner must give equal weight to both the aspects for specializing in different fields. While being casual is the key to enjoying the communication with other people, formal language helps to acquire expertise in writing and to read the formal blurb.

The next part of the story is to explore whether you are enjoying informal conversations with other English speakers or not. It is critical to enjoying speaking the language without getting stuck in between.

Several reasons justify your hesitation to speak in English and don’t let you enjoy your English speaking capabilities to its fullest:

  • If you have a hard time conversing with people in the English language, you need more practice. After all, practice is a key to reaching your desired goal


  • Lack of confidence certainly interferes with your fluency


  • You do not make use of the language on a daily basis and prefer speaking in a language you are familiar since your childhood


  • You give more emphasis to grammar and feels scared of making grammar errors while speaking in English


  • Often people suffer from fear to start with the conversation with the other person and pressurize themselves to start with the speech. It hampers the verbal ability of a person and does not let them enjoy easy conversations.


  • One of the possible reasons can be the fear of speaking in the English language with the next person because he/she is excellent with their communication abilities and makes you feel shy to open up with them for they may laugh at you on your mistakes.

There are so many people who want to speak English like native speakers do, but fails due to the hesitation in their mind.  To add to it, a lot of them suffer from complexes that further demotivates them to come out of the hesitation. In such a scenario, they never enjoy easy conversations with other English speakers and fails to master the language.

As Bill Cosby said, “In order to success, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” So if you want to fulfill your dream of speaking English fluently, just overlook the barriers that point towards failure and focus on desire. www.Speaktoday.com is one of the English learning platforms that can help you overcome the hesitation and enjoy English conversations with your peers as never before.

August 17, 2017