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Can English Emancipate People in the Slums?

A large group of Indian population lives in slums. Often slums in India are associated with poor lifestyle and low-level of education. Kids in these places are deprived even of their primary education. Ensuring access to English education to the slum dwellers in India is challenging, but even more difficult is to educate them about the benefits of learning the language that can have a striking effect on their status and lifestyle.

Emphasizing on their right to education along with accentuating the need for learning the English language can help them get over the problems they face on a daily basis. Knowhow of the English language can emancipate the people in the slums. Here are a few points justifying their need to learn the dialect.

  • Getting over inferiority complex – People in slums are not educated enough to get white-collared jobs. That is the reason they settle with taking up small jobs for livelihood. Learning English can help them take up a profession where communication skills play a significant role. Such jobs always offer better payouts to the workers and also boost their confidence to a great deal. It assays them with an opportunity to get over the inferiority complex they had been through over the years.

  • Boost their social status – People from the slums of India are forced to take up slavery jobs under the people of higher class. They are often bullied by their masters and are forced to work day and night. Focusing on education and English language can change their present condition and can assist them in enhancing their social status.

  • Better job opportunities – Indeed! With the exposure to the English language they can take up jobs where qualification does not play a major role, but communication skills matter a lot. They can jump to the tourist industry and can take up the role of a tourist guide, where delivering information to the foreigners in English is a key to survive in the industry. Also, they can think of getting into hotel jobs where communication skills are necessary. In fact, they can also work in showrooms for earning their livelihood by making use of their ability to converse in the English language. There are many another such kind of jobs they can target where their ability to speak the language can open doors for better opportunities.

slum dwellers

Life in Indian slums is pathetic. People in these areas are below poverty line and are facing challenges in every step of their lives even to fulfil their basic needs. It is important that Indian Government should take up necessary steps to help them manage a decent living by offering them access to the essential resources. Imparting valuable and free education in Government schools along with stressing on English language studies can transform their lives to a great deal.  

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famous Hollywood celebrity said, “With hard work, learning English and getting involved, there is no limit on what you can achieve.”

It’s high time now; the Indian slum dwellers must understand the importance of English speaking to come out of their shell.

Speaktoday.com, one of the best online English learning portal salute the Indian Government’s effort to educate the slum dwellers about the importance of literacy and English knowledge for the building of a better nation.

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