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Career Building – Is It Confined Only to Finding a Job?

There are more than 73% engineering graduates in India who don't have employability skill. An example like 'communication skill in English' to express themselves and present their ideas to people from all regions. For a flourishing career building, it's time to get hooked on improving your English speaking skill.

On our way to career building, we come across several people. Once we connect with them, they become a part of our network. In today’s competitive world, networking may prove to be a boon to our prospects, and we can grow our clientele through it. But, are we following the norms of modern business or misinterpreting career building to yielding a job.


What should be your aim?

It should be the primary aim of every professional to build a career and not just seek for a job. You may start with listing your resume with job search websites, but in the future, the focus should be on expanding one’s professional network.


Look for Building Professional Relationships

Connecting with professionals is essential because you indeed get connected to many interesting people in your circle. You never know who among them can connect you to a lucrative opportunity. Also, working with different people expose you towards varied experiences that help you grow in your career.


Encourage peers

During the initial years of one’s career, networking may appear to be a difficult task, especially for the professionals who are introvert. You may be one among them, but coming out of the shell and encouraging fellow professionals contributes to your personality as a professional. Encouraging youth with a youthful perspective makes you open to new ideas and exposure.


How to connect with peer professionals?

There are many professional networks like LinkedIn that allows you to connect with potential mentors who can offer you better career opportunities in the long run. You can make use of such platforms to communicate with the people of particular companies in which you are seeking for a job. It helps!


Continue education

If you do not have a job in hand, stay connected with your studies. Even the people in your classroom can guide you on networking and can become your potential networks in the future.


Patience is the key

When you are on your road to growing network, you are asking people for their support, time and advice. So be patient to hear on their end. Getting impatient will not help in any way

Growing a professional network is necessary for several reasons. But, one thing in the entire process that cannot be overlooked is the person’s ability to speak English. One must know English to enhance his/her career prospects. Knowhow of the English language leaves a good impression on the connections and helps to ignite interest in them related to your profile.

Many of us are not very comfortable speaking the language for several reasons. Some of those reasons are:

  • Not a native speaker
  • Basic know-how of the language but cannot deal with grammar confusions and bombastic words
  • Lack of confidence to open up because of the lack of writing and speaking practice

Many other reasons may be restricting you to converse in English. It is advisable to develop enough fluency in the language along with adhering to the parameters of perfection in spelling and grammar for contributing to the growth of your professional network.


July 8, 2019

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