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Degree Certificate or Skill for Employability – What is Important?

Educational qualification in today’s time is often related to communication and employability skills. But, my question to all the people out there is, “whether it’s the degree certificate or the education for employability that matters?” Especially the recent incident of CBSE paper leak and the related incidents in the other Board examination platforms in India have put the authenticity of the academic qualification into question.

The present trend shows that the only way to get a job in the market is by yielding a relevant degree from a recognised university, though it does not ensure the insemination of the skills to get a job. Hence, a degree cannot be considered as a determining factor in judging the calibre of a person. Considering the present scenario when people are ready to pay anything for getting a degree, educational qualifications take a backseat.

Degree Certificate or Employability Skills – What is Important?

The rising cost of education has established a definite standard. That is why everyone aspires to achieve that boilerplate overlooking the quality aspects. While, education for employability must be the primary aspects, but people inclination towards attaining a Degree Certificate over the employability skills depicts the real picture of the system.

However, employability skills must be given higher weight compared to degree certificate because a certificate is just a piece of paper and do not ensure the efficiency of an individual in the professional front.

What does an employability skill actually mean?

Employability skills mainly comprise of a few sets of qualities. They are:

  • Excellent communication skills – Indeed! Your communication skills are something that can help you reach your goal in a fast forward mode. In fact, verbal communication is not the only key. In fact, you should have the capability to express yourself through emails or other ways of written communication. Remember, if you are excellent with your communication skills, you can always get a job even without a degree. On the contrary situation, even your degree cannot help you to reach where you want to. For enhancing your communication skills, you may join online English speaking courses. SpeakToday is one among those platforms that can help you with your communication abilities so that you can express yourself more professionally.
  • Positive approach – When you are positive about your professional outlook and carry that confidence and can-do attitude with yourself, you have actually won half of the race.
  • Management skills – Here management skills imply to your ability to manage time and your work. Until and unless you are organised, your education for employability goes in vain.
  • Teamwork – Well, a lot of us might be good with our communication skills, aptitude, and other prerequisites. Still, if we are not a team player, we lose the game.
  • Flexibility – To work in an organisation, one needs to be flexible enough to change according to the need of the organisation and the nature of the work. Rigid attitude will not help you in any way.

To develop the employability skills within oneself may not be a cakewalk, but is not that tough either. Education for employability must focus on demonstration of the necessary skills for yielding a job.


March 4, 2020

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