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Using Technology To Learn English

A rich resource of technical benefits can help you master English in a very short time. There is technology everywhere you see. You have the TV, the mobile phones, and the internet. All and any of these three mediums can effectively assist you to learn English. You just have to have the right inclination in optimizing their usage. Check up …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakTodayAugust 16, 2020

The corporate expectations vs. MBA student’s English speaking skills – Exploring the differences

1. Presentation The corporate expectations from the fresh MBA grads – Let’s explore the differences. There is a necessity for qualified and skilled business experts who can support India’s monetary development. This maybe the explanation that the large number of students looking for admission to the MBA (Masters in Business Administration). This trend is raised throughout last couple of years. …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakTodayJuly 21, 2020

Video Conferencing Based Online Courses – Is It Effective?

We are living in a digital era. I feel really impressed when I look back and compare technological advancement with the past few decades. Indeed! The growth pattern is commendable and noteworthy. The trend of video conferencing has taken education to a next level. Nowadays,  studies are no more confined to traditional classroom protocol. Today, you can conveniently enroll for …Read More

Profile PhotoSukhneet Kaur BhattiFebruary 28, 2019

Degree Certificate or Skill for Employability – What is Important?

Educational qualification in today’s time is often related to communication and employability skills. But, my question to all the people out there is, “whether it’s the degree certificate or the education for employability that matters?” Especially the recent incident of CBSE paper leak and the related incidents in the other Board examination platforms in India have put the authenticity of …Read More

Profile PhotoSukhneet Kaur BhattiApril 14, 2018

Career Building – Is It Confined Only to Finding a Job?

On our way to career building, we come across several people. Once we connect with them, they become a part of our network. In today’s competitive world, networking may prove to be a boon to our prospects, and we can grow our clientele through it. But, are we following the norms of modern business or misinterpreting career building to yielding …Read More

Profile PhotoSukhneet Kaur BhattiFebruary 28, 2018

Top Reasons to Enhance English Communication Skill?

The buzz about the need for Enhancing the English communication skill is all around. “How I can improve my English communication skill?” I had been struggling to find an answer to the above question when I suddenly remembered an incident when one beautiful day a young and handsome looking man was trying to talk to me. To my woe, he …Read More

Profile PhotoSukhneet Kaur BhattiFebruary 26, 2018

Top 6 Reasons Hindering the Poor People Path to Learning English

The FAD for learning English is growing every day, and the apparent reason associated with it is the popularity of the language throughout the globe. The challenges related to learning the language are grave in India. Especially the people of the underprivileged communities are still not aware of the associated benefits and stay deprived of learning the language. The scenario …Read More

Profile PhotoSukhneet Kaur BhattiFebruary 22, 2018

How SpeakToday Makes Use of Technology in Education for Promoting English Learning?

The Millennium era of Information Technology and computers and internet has opened the avenue for newer possibilities. You just need an idea to mingle it with technology for turning it into innovation. SpeakToday understands the concept well and hence made use of technology in education for presenting its fantastic English learner’s platform amidst the masses. With our platform of instructional …Read More

Profile PhotoSukhneet Kaur BhattiFebruary 20, 2018

Tips to Crack IELTS Writing Exam

A lot of people these days are aspiring to move abroad. IELTS is one of the significant breakthroughs to determine one’s eligibility score. Especially, IELTS writing is considered as the toughest of all the IELTS modules where it is difficult to score if writing is not your cup of tea.  In spite of being a challenging module, chances are always …Read More

Profile PhotoSukhneet Kaur BhattiFebruary 13, 2018

Want Your Business to go Global? Learn About the Hurdles That Restricts Its Growth

You are a businessman and doing great in your country, but when you give a thought one step ahead for expanding it globally, you actually get in the upsurge of challenges. After all, to go global is a great achievement and not every company is prepared for the international challenges associated with the process. Challenges of Taking a National Business to …Read More

Profile PhotoSukhneet Kaur BhattiJanuary 23, 2018

Top Scorer of Your College Yet Not Getting the Top Job?

You are the top scorer in your engineering exams, but your friend with 60% marks managed a better job than yours. Ironical! Isn’t it? But, the fact is that your academic result has nothing to do with your career. Most of us struggle to yield a job after completing our education in spite of the extraordinary performance in our exams. …Read More

Profile PhotoSukhneet Kaur BhattiJanuary 18, 2018

English Language Teaching – Dilemma of English Teachers in India

Surprisingly! The dilemma of English teachers associated with English language teaching is grave in the Indian land. English teachers in many schools in India are not up to the mark and lacks the desired English language teaching skills. Notably, the recent incident of the suspension of the two Rajasthan Government teachers for spelling mistakes in the English question paper brought …Read More

Profile PhotoSukhneet Kaur BhattiDecember 19, 2017

Can English Emancipate People in the Slums?

A large group of Indian population lives in slums. Often slums in India are associated with poor lifestyle and low-level of education. Kids in these places are deprived even of their primary education. Ensuring access to English education to the slum dwellers in India is challenging, but even more difficult is to educate them about the benefits of learning the …Read More

Profile PhotoSukhneet Kaur BhattiDecember 13, 2017

Self Learning Made Easier Through Technology

The concept of acquiring knowledge is no more confined to reading books. The old approach to self-learning is still alive, but the method is no more archaic. The rapid growth in technology, reduction in the internet costs, and emerging Internet bandwidth have been a major factor in the evolution of e-learning that has given rise to self-learning with technology. Indeed! …Read More

Profile PhotoSukhneet Kaur BhattiDecember 12, 2017