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Are You Enjoying Easy Conversation With Other English Speakers?

Over the years, the fad for the English language has grown in India. Globalization is undoubtedly the contributing factor and has provided Indian people with a noble mission to initiate English conversation. If you are on your road to learning the language, you need smart native speakers to converse with you face to face. But, is it always possible to …Read More

Profile PhotoSukhneet Kaur BhattiNovember 8, 2017

Is It Hinglish That You Speak?

I am an English language freak and finds it interesting to see people conversing in the English language with a blend of Hindi (popularly known as Hinglish) on it.  Needless to say, Bollywood has been a critical figure in the evolution of Hinglish in India and the young Indians finds it cool to follow. India is a big country with …Read More

Profile PhotoSukhneet Kaur BhattiNovember 6, 2017

A Glimpse of Influences in Contemporary Indian English

After seventy years of Independence, I still feel that the British people left behind influences that have a significant impact on our lifestyle. Throughout one hundred and ninety-nine years, when India was under the British rule, the effect of British colonialism was evident in the Indian land. In fact, the entire period was a phase of transition for the country. …Read More

Profile PhotoSukhneet Kaur BhattiOctober 31, 2017

Rural Education in India – Top 5 Benefits of Promoting English in the Indian Villages

Rural Education in India – Top 5 Benefits of Promoting English in the Indian Villages. Rural education in India suffers from a few set of loopholes. Especially, the absence of the English language in the curriculum sets forth several challenges for the Indian villagers. English has emerged as a global medium of communication over the decades. Hence, it is a …Read More

Profile PhotoSukhneet Kaur BhattiSeptember 21, 2017

Top 5 Safety Tips for Kids

Top 5 Safety Tips for Kids Are our children safe inside the school premises? Are you scared of sending your child to school? Are you looking for practical safety tips for kids inside the school? The unfortunate event of a seven-year-old Pradyuman’s murder in Ryan International School has raised safety concerns among the Indian parents. The growing unrest among the …Read More

Profile PhotoSukhneet Kaur BhattiSeptember 19, 2017

Top 7 IELTS Speaking Test Tips

Planning to go abroad? If your answer is yes, qualifying for IELTS exam is the first milestone to get through. Disbursed into Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking, each module of IELTS is designed to check the English proficiency level of a candidate. Speaking test of IELTS is one of the most challenging modules and is a fear for many out …Read More

Profile PhotoSukhneet Kaur BhattiSeptember 15, 2017

Top Ways To Deal With Your Hesitation To Communicate In English

Top Ways To Deal With Your Hesitation To Communicate In English A lot of us feel hesitant to speak in English. To get out of the hesitation, we must regularly make use of  English while conversing, but it is the obvious solution to the problem that I take on one side of the coin. The other end needs a detailed …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakToday.comMay 4, 2017

Top 4 Key Benefits Of English Speaking Environment

Known for its Global reach, the need for learning English has become intense for all the people who are not well-versed with the language. In fact, the need to speak English that too with utmost confidence is evident in today’s time and certainly requires a lot of practice. For non-native speakers, it can be difficult to cope with the complexities …Read More

Profile PhotoSukhneet Kaur BhattiMay 3, 2017

Are You Enjoying Easy Conversations With Other English Speakers?

In my life of 32 years, I have observed that more of the people know English these days and can speak the language fluently. Over the years, the fad for the English language has grown in India. Globalization is undoubtedly the contributing factor and has provided Indian people with a noble mission to speak in English. If you are on …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakToday.comMay 2, 2017

Why Career Planning Should Be The Essence Of A Student’s Life?

“If you fail to plan, you can plan to fail” – Napoleon Hill The phrase well justifies the importance of planning in every field of life. Hence, the importance of career planning in a life of a student is pivotal in determining the success in the desired career. No matter, whether you are aspiring to be a Doctor, Engineer, Writer, …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakToday.comApril 28, 2017

Why Should I Take Up English Speaking Course?

The advent of globalization has set an exceptional standard for the English language in the universal front. Unfortunately, not everyone is good with their English communicating skills, in spite, of knowing the importance of the same in their professional life. People who are ambitious, cannot overlook their incapability of speaking the language and need better guidance to come out of …Read More

Profile PhotoMurali Krishna RallabhandiMarch 30, 2017

How you can improve your spoken English skill?

How you can improve your spoken English skill? Improving your spoken English skill is not just for a social status anymore but has become a supreme necessity today. As per Times of India news publication, people earn 34% higher salary who knows speaking in English fluently in comparison to those who can’t speak in English. Only 17% of the Engineering …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakToday.comJanuary 11, 2017

Looking for jobs in Canada? Your English speaking skills are important.

Though Canada badly needs skilled workers like plumbers, electricians and auto mechanics etc. but the most important factor that help a skilled worker from India get a job there is their English language skills. The Canadian Consul General in Chandigarh, Scot Slessor warned that poor English language skills was affecting the chances of job aspirants from India and especially Punjab. …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakToday.comDecember 16, 2015

Interpreting the Cultural Richness of the Language with English Speaking Friends

You may be friends with people from different corners of the world where English is the first language. Such associations are very common in the era of social media. Of course, you can also have friends in real life who prefer to communicate in English. Engaging in discussions with friends and acquaintances helps immensely in developing your language skills. Your …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakToday.comSeptember 12, 2015

When Bollywood Inspires People To Learn English

As we know, these days Bollywood films are not just meant for entertainment but also to give a strong message to our society by different means. When Sridevi’s comeback film, English Vinglish released in India there was lot of motivation among students to learn English. SpeakToday spoken English course online registrations suddenly increased for quite some time during this film’s …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakToday.comAugust 25, 2015


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