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5 Tips to Speak English Fluently?

English language learners can improve their spoken English skills in no time by following a systematic approach. It all starts with overcoming the fear of the language in your mind. Start by finding a right learning program. However, you need to pay attention to individual practice besides continuing with the course. A good program always arranges for tests at the …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakTodayAugust 15, 2015

Why Indians Are Not Considered For English Teaching Jobs Abroad?

English is the second official language of India and India is also the SECOND largest English speaking country in the world. In a country of 1,652 languages and dialects, Indians use English to communicate. Most of the predominantly affluent and middle-class Indians have attended English-medium schools and universities and are capable of communicating very well in English abroad.  And yet, …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakTodayJuly 27, 2015

Learn How to Speak English Fluently

Learn How To Speak English Fluently Many Indian students find English as a difficult hill to climb. The obstacles of insufficient vocabulary, the pitfalls of grammar, and the fear of getting into a difficult terrain all act together to make the language challenging. However, when you have a guide who knows the tracks well enough, the journey becomes easy. The …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakTodayJuly 19, 2015

Learn English Online for Better Opportunities

English is one of the widely spoken languages of the world. The use of this language is wide enough in our daily life which starts from handling business to interacting with friends. Your purpose may be anything for learning this foreign language but you can learn English as well as spoken English through internet. There are lots of institutes that …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakTodayJuly 13, 2015

Top 5 Summer Training Program Tips for You

For many youngsters summer is the best time to involve in some extra activities since they have lots of extra time in their hand during the summer. Schools and colleges normally have their summer vacation and pupils get the best time to make themselves engage into other kind of activities apart from study. You don’t need to attend your regular …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakTodayJune 30, 2015

Speaking In English – Ways to Make the Learning Process Easier

Speaking In English – Ways To Improve Your Communication Skill The importance of fluent English is felt from the very beginning of our career. In countries where English is not a native language, the problem regarding speaking English fluently can be felt with more significance. In the present state of our lifestyle, we need to communicate with different types of …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakTodayJune 21, 2015

Overcoming Hesitation Is The First Step Of Learning Spoken English

Many Indian students find English a difficult language to speak. However, it does not have to be like that! You can always overcome your hesitation with the help of a good Spoken English course. Often, even students who are not that weak in the language find it challenging to collect the speaking confidence. This is only natural because after all …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakTodayJune 18, 2015

What is personality development?

In this modern world there are lots of techniques to deal with the issues that we face in our personal and professional life. The most important of them is the issues about our own selves. Sometime we understand that it is not any outer force that is creating the problem, but there is something not right in us and we …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakTodayJune 7, 2015

Not Just Learn English, Practice Speaking It Too

In order to learn good English speaking, one must give more emphasis on building sentences without any grammatical errors. Therefore, learning English grammar becomes very important to speak good English. It’s important to speak English sentences loud and clear enough to ensure good speaking ability. They must also build their confidence in speaking English in a group of friends or …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakTodayMay 24, 2015

India Falling Behind China in English Learning: British Council

India English growth is too slow as compared to other Asian countries. India is falling behind countries like China in its attempts to increase use of English language among its population, a new report by British Council. The report says that there is “huge shortage” of teachers and the quality of English education in institutions is hampering India despite a …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakTodayMay 16, 2015

Growing English Demand and Hollywood Movies in India

How is your listening skill in English to watch a Hollywood movie in India? If you are reading titles only then better start learning English and build your listening skills in English language. More and more Hollywood movies are launched in India with great success. Past grand successes of movies like Harry Potter (all series), Lord Of The Rings (all …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakTodayApril 28, 2015

Learning Simple English Conversations

Learning general English or simple conversations in English are not as difficult as you think. The best part about using the language in usual talk is that it helps your mind to adjust with the new experience. Many Indian students complete their schooling mostly in a regional vernacular. In state and central board schools, it is a second language. Students who …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakTodayApril 25, 2015

Looking for jobs in Canada? Your English speaking skills are important.

Though Canada badly needs skilled workers like plumbers, electricians and auto mechanics etc. but the most important factor that help a skilled worker from India get a job there is their English language skills. The Canadian Consul General in Chandigarh, Scot Slessor warned that poor English language skills was affecting the chances of job aspirants from India and especially Punjab. …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakTodayApril 13, 2015

Court Rules That Spouses Must Speak English Before Arriving in UK

Image Courtesy: thisisleicestershire Rashida Chapti, now a British citizen, has been married for almost 40 years. She has six children and find it hard to divide her time between Leicester and India. She claims, her husband wants to join her permanently in Britain but he is unable to speak, read or write in English. The high court judge Mr. Justice …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakTodayMarch 17, 2015

More Rural Students For Online Learning

Image Courtesy: Creative Commons Graduate students in rural areas are realizing the potential of learning spoken English. Take an example of Arindam Srinivasan, a B.Sc. graduate from Trivandrum, spends lots of time in studying English newspaper. Arindam is just learning English language to better his performance in his next CAT examination. He finds that the English subject would be tough …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakTodayFebruary 23, 2015