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Mastering the Art of Telephonic Conversation in English

Telephonic talks are in many ways different from face-to-face communication. In direct interactions, you can follow the words easier than over a telephone. The transmission of audio signals makes voices entirely different from reality. A telephonic voice always has that element of distant discourses where your only way to understand is through hearing (unless you are in a video conference). …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakTodayFebruary 8, 2015

IELTS as a Life-Changing Opportunity

IELTS has been there from many years in India and people have been opting for IELTS mainly for three reasons: For studying abroad, For immigrating, and For job opportunities. “IELTS has been the fastest growing English test in the world”, said McLaven, first secretary, Educational Services, British High Commission while his visit in Bangalore. There were 2,30,000 candidates who opted …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakTodayJanuary 22, 2015

Now ICSE Will Evaluate Spoken English Too

Image Courtesy: Creative Commons The necessity of spoken English is realized in the schools also. Now, ICSE will be evaluating the spoken English abilities of students in schools especially for the class IX students in India. They need to be trained in spoken English as well as listening skills. Empowering the students with spoken English skills from early help in …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakTodayJanuary 10, 2015

Using Technology To Learn English

A rich resource of technical benefits can help you master English in a very short time. There is technology everywhere you see. You have the TV, the mobile phones, and the internet. All and any of these three mediums can effectively assist you to learn English. You just have to have the right inclination in optimizing their usage. Check up …Read More

Profile PhotoSpeakTodayJanuary 5, 2015