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SpeakToday English Courses for Employees

Spoken English Training for Employees




Every company desires to make its workforce skilled and therefore it requires quality training programs for them. Communication is the key component at workplaces. English is playing an important role in communication in today’s fast moving communities. As we know, more and more companies have skilled force from various geographic locations and helping them communicate becomes extremely important. Moreover, better English communication skill enables them to communicate not just within the company or their own staff but also with their customers in various geographic locations.

An English course from SpeakToday can empower them communicate in English effectively and confidently. A better communication skill will not just empower an employee but also the company as well. We have found, using English at workplace not just improves communication but also unite the workforce together.

SpeakToday courses for employees help building confidence in using English effectively at workplace. The course includes the following features:

  • Online course with LIVE instructor support.
  • Various English courses suitable to every corporate requirement.
  • Highly qualified and experienced instructors.
  • Advanced speech recognition technology to help employees speak and practice online for spoken English courses.
  • Employees get automated instant feedback on spoken words accuracy with detailed explanation.
  • Online reporting system to track employee performance.
  • Courses for all level learners including for beginners and intermediate learners.
  • Online test for a suitable course for each employees group.

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Why SpeakToday.com English courses?

  • SpeakToday.com offers flexible online learning courses.
  • Self-learning modules or with LIVE instructor support online.
  • Customized courses.
  • Personal account for each user and a customized training program.
  • 24×7 Online access to employees for their courses.
  • A unique reporting system to track the progress made by your staff at any stage.
  • Regular assessments.
  • Certificate provided to employees on successful completion of the course.

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