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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Money Back Guarantee

FAQ related to money back.

Can I get a refund for a SpeakToday course I’ve received as a gift?

If you have received SpeakToday course as a gift from someone else, we are sorry, you will not receive the refund. If the person who purchased the SpeakToday English course as  a gift prefers to receive a full refund, this is possible; however they should contact us about this separately.

How does this ‘Money Back Guarantee’ works?

You can ask for full refund within 48 hours after the purchase of your course even if you have attended any live session or not.

There would be no questions asked if you want your money back. We will refund your money back to your account.

Note: 100% Money back guarantee option is available for payments received through online transactions only including through PayUmoney or Paypal. There will be some bank transaction charges only which will be deducted by the bank which will be around 2% to 4% of the total transaction value.

I want a refund! How do I initiate the refund procedure?

You need to fill up the Money Back request form below and just let us know your reasons for refund in the comments (optional) and click on submit. Once we receive your request our support team will get in touch with you with updates and your money would be processed within 5-7 working days.


Note: Please login to submit this form.
Is it available for every course?

Yes. The Money Back Guarantee applies to all courses available on speaktoday.com.

My system doesn’t meet the minimal requirements specified on product page, can I get a refund?

Yes, if your request is within 48hrs of your purchase. We will refund your money back to your account/card.

What is the “Money Back Guarantee” offer?

SpeakToday offers courses with speaking practice online to every learner along with LIVE instructors support. We are so confident that if you decide for any reason not to continue with your course, we guarantee you to return 100% of your money.

When will I get my money back?

The time between us issuing a refund, and you getting your money back, can vary depending on your payment method:

If you have paid using a Visa or Mastercard or AMEX card through Payumoney, you will get the money back on your bank account within 5-7 business days.

If you have paid using your PayPal account, the time needed to process your refund may vary. It depends on the kind of payment you have used (PayPal balance, or through your bank account, or your debit or credit card linked to your account).

However, we will process the refund within 5-7 business days. In case of PayPal, you will receive an email which will include more details about the refund process and crediting the paid amount back to your account or card.

Which countries are eligible for the Money Back Guarantee?

All countries are eligible. Wherever you live, you are entitled to get a full refund.

Pre-Sales Questions

Are these spoken English courses online only or is there any classroom coaching also?

These are only online courses with or without LIVE trainer support. You can attend virtual classes and talk to teachers during the LIVE sessions. Further, speaking practice sessions, quizzes, listening skill and full course contents will be available to you anytime until your course expires.

Can I access SpeakToday course on my Smartphone?

SpeakToday courses can be accessed on Android Smartphones, Windows based Smartphones, Windows based Tablets and Windows based PC / Laptops.

Can I access the online training sessions on my Smartphone?

Yes, you can attend the live trainer session on Android Smartphone with good Internet bandwidth or windows based PC/Laptop.

Can I get an online instructor support early in the morning?

We do have morning hours for online instructor but you need to check the different online classroom timings available in the course when you join the course.

Can I get any discount for the courses listed?

Yes, we do offer special discounts during festival occasions generally. Please check the pricing page of your suggested course if that’s available for you on the date of joining or not.

Can I get technical support In case I get stuck somewhere in the course?

We have a Customer Support team who would be able to help you with your technical issues. You can reach the team on +91 7676706006 or by writing an email to support@speaktoday.com

Can I have a shorter duration course for instance a 1 month course?

Sorry, presently we do not provide any short term courses for 1 month. Because, we believe one month is a very short time to start learning the language and speak fluently. However, if you take up a one to one (Private) course you will get the help of a trainer at your comfortable time to complete your course in a much shorter time.

Can I have one online training session as a demo so that I can decide?

Sorry, we do not provide any demo class for online training. But we do have money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course. Please check our money back policy.

Can I pay in installments for the course?

Please check on the payment page after checkout. That’s generally offered to Credit Card holders by their respective banks only. SpeakToday do not offer payment on installment basis at the moment.

Can I request for a different time slot for online training sessions in between the course?

Usually change in time slots are not permitted as a trainer is allotted for the batch and a schedule is maintained. In exceptional cases a request need to be shared with the management in writing and the team would think over and give the decision.

Can I request for extra training sessions, if I don’t understand the concepts?

You can request for extra sessions on request at an additional cost.

Note: Each extra session would cost you Rs.200/- extra.

Can I select the time slot when I want the online trainer session?

Yes, you can select the time slot from the available time slots to attend the online trainer session.

Can I select the trainer whom I want to interact with?

You can definitely select the trainer listed in the trainer panel on our website. But the trainer would be assigned to you only if the trainer is available during your time slot and is not engaged with any prior batch.

Do I need to install any software for attending the online classes?

You don’t need to install any software to attend the online classes. You have to login into the website www.speaktoday.com with your user credentials and then select the live trainer session you would like to attend from Join live classroom section and enter the password and click on join to access the live classroom.

Do you have any corporate training programs?

Yes, we do have corporate training programs for employees to improve their English communication skills. Please click here to find suitable course for your employees. Or, contact us and our Sales team will call back with more information. You can also call our helpline at +91 7676706006

Do you offer Money Back Guarantee if I am not satisfied with the course?

We do offer money back guarantee if you meet the refund policy guidelines. Please read more information in the Money Back Policy section.

Do you prepare students for IELTS exam?

SpeakToday courses are foundation courses for taking up the IELTS exam. Our courses do help the learners in improving their Listening, Speaking and Reading skills.

How do I get to know whether the trainer is good for training me?

All trainers listed on our training panel are well experienced and tested before. You can click on any trainer listed and get to know more about them.

How do I join the online training session?

Once you register for a course with live instructor support our customer support executive would call you and ask for your preferable timing for the live Instructor classroom sessions. Later our support team would work out a schedule and share the schedule with the trainer and you. Then you are requested to join the live Instructor sessions as per the schedule.

How does the trainer conduct online classroom sessions?

The trainer conducts the online classroom sessions by using SpeakToday’s innovative live classroom tool. After you register for the course by completing the payment process our support team would get in touch with you and share all details related to joining live classroom sessions.

How much Internet bandwidth is required for accessing the course and online trainer sessions?

For a 3 month course:
Course access with all videos on a Medium video quality: 1.8 GB
or, course access with all videos on mobile video quality: 640 MB
For each one hour of LIVE training session it will require 110MB of bandwidth. It can be low if the video settings are changed to lowest or stop video and just attend audio only.

How much time should I spend daily to complete the course?

You need to spend atleast a minimum of 1 hour (recommended time is 2 hours) to learn and practice each module.

How SpeakToday spoken English course works?

SpeakToday spoken English courses are online courses, you can learn and practice spoken English online without traveling anywhere. You just need to join online and learn at your convenience at home or office by logging into our website and accessing online course videos and practice contents.

How to register and pay for the course?

You can pay online using your any Credit/Debit Card or NetBanking account in India to join spoken English course at SpeakToday.com. Watch the following video on how to register and pay for the SpeakToday course online.

How will online trainer support add value to my Spoken English training?

Online trainer support would definitely add value to your spoken English training as you can listen to the lecture from a live trainer as you listen in a classroom, you can ask your questions, you can clarify your doubts and also practice speaking with the trainer.

I can read and write good English but can’t speak fluently, will this course help me?

Yes, SpeakToday course can help you tremendously in speaking English confidently with correct accent because you have to speak in English to complete each module of this course.

I don’t have Credit / Debit card or Net banking account. Is there any other mode of payment available?

Yes you can do an online transfer of money into our bank account or deposit cash at a nearest bank in your area.

If I take up a course can I interact with a trainer daily?

You cannot interact with the trainer daily. The live trainer sessions are scheduled as per the course plan you have registered for. For example you have 8-10 live trainer sessions in a 1 month course plan.

In case I miss an online training session, will it be conducted again for me?

You need to let us know regarding your absence well in advance by writing an email to support(a)speaktoday.com with proper reason so that we accommodate your missed session by allowing you to join another batch running the same module. You need to continue all other sessions in your original batch only.

Is language support available?

Yes, we do provide regional language support in different vernacular languages of India. We have language support through Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Punjabi & Odiya.

Is Speaktoday course a free course?

SpeakToday courses are paid courses since the courses provide you the best platform for learning and practice Listening, Speaking & Reading skills through world class technology.

What are the languages in which teacher support is available?

Usually the trainer’s speak in English in the live classroom. In case you need complete support in your regional language, then we suggest you opt for one to one (Private) trainer support.

What are the prerequisites needed to attend online training sessions?

You need to have a windows enabled PC/Laptop or Android Smartphone with good bandwidth internet connection along with a Headset with microphone.

What are the system requirements to access the SpeakToday course?

The minimum System configuration required to access SpeakToday course is as below


 i3 and above

 64 bit, Windows 7 and above

 2 GB or more RAM

 Internet: 4G Internet connection / Broadband

 Browser: Google Chrome for accessing the course. Google Chrome / Mozila Firefox for accessing the live trainer classes

What is live instructor support?

Live Instructor support means a trainer interact’s with you in a virtual classroom and would conduct the class, give lecture and interact with you and help resolve your problems. You would be receiving step by step instructions for joining the live classroom and interacting with your live instructor once you register for a course.

What is the difference between classes with and without live instructor?

SpeakToday course provides two major aspects of training. 1. A typical course module with learning information about the topic along with practice exercises on Listening, Speaking and Reading skills. 2. Live classroom session wherein you interact with a trainer in a virtual classroom, listen to the lecture, discuss your difficult areas with the instructor and overcome them before your course ends. So a class with live instructor covers both the training aspects as discussed above and without live instructor covers only the first aspect of the training.

What would be the duration of each live training session?

The duration for each live training session is for one hour. In which you would listen to the lecture and ask questions, clarify your doubts in the last 15 minutes.

When do I have to pay the fees of the course – is it before joining or after joining? Can I pay it in installments?

You need to complete the payment process at the time of joining the course (registration). We do not have options for paying after joining the course or paying through installments.

Where is the company office located?

We are located in Bengaluru, India. Our office address is as below
# 836, Level III, ITPL Main Road, Bengaluru – 560048

Which course I should join?

SpeakToday.com offers various courses for beginners and adults. You can find a suitable course for you by visiting this link here. Click here to find a course for you.

Will I get a certificate after completing the course?

Yes, once you complete your course and appear in all tests. After successful completing the final test, you will be issued digital certificate from SpeakToday.com

Will I get any books to read along with the course?

No books would be given to you along with the course. You can always access the course material and other interactive excercises by logging into our website 24/7.

Will I get job placement assistance after successfully completing the course?

Yes, SpeakToday learners would be getting job placement assistance at the partner companies we have tied up with. You can presently see the available vacancies listed in the Jobs placements link.

Will I get to interact with the same trainer for my entire course?

The trainer you would be interacting remains same for the entire course, unless there is a need to change because of Trainer’s unavailability due to any emergencies.

Will I get to interact with the trainer during the online training sessions and clarify my doubts?

Yes you can interact with the trainer during the online training sessions and clarify your doubts.

Will this course really help me improve my communication skills?

Yes, this course is developed in such way that it helps every individual to Speak with the help of a microphone and practice speaking. It lets you know if you are pronouncing anything wrong and you can also check what would be the correct pronunciation.


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