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After seventy years of Independence, I still feel that the British people left behind influences that have a significant impact on our lifestyle. Throughout one hundred and ninety-nine years, when India was under the British rule, the effect of British colonialism was evident in the Indian land. In fact, the entire period was a phase of transition for the country. The post-independence period is noteworthy as it brought achievements and technological excellence for the nation in its store. Without a doubt, today India is going hand in hand with all the developed countries.

Two hundred years of slavery ended in India with the adoption of English as its official language. I feel that the English language is something they left behind for the Indians as a legacy and I am thankful to them for the same because today we have the medium to represent ourselves in the global front. Also, the English language evolved in these years. In fact, Indian English has undergone a massive shift during this phase. The glimpses of independent thought and modern culture can be well observed in the contemporary Indian English.

Here are a few examples that make modern English literature diverse from the traditional Indian English:

A Glimpse of Influences in Contemporary Indian English

  • Earlier, literary works were more influenced by the western and colonial culture. Unlike that, Modern Indian English is more influenced by the Indian philosophy.

  • While, there was no place for slang words to fit in the English dialogues during that era, but a touch of a few slangs is acceptable today.

  • Present-day English has more of technological influence. With technological influence, I mean the effect of the technology and internet that have given rise to many new words that never appeared in the traditional English dictionary. Traditionally, the meaning of the word Like was either justified as a comparing element or a gesture of adoring someone, but today the meaning of the same has interestingly shifted to a Facebook Like with a Thumbs up sign as it’s validation.

  • The meaning of a word following was justified as being after someone during the olden times, but today the same can also be recognized as being someone’s supporter or a fan in the technological context.

  • Words like ‘lol’ never had any significance during the olden days, but today it is recognized worldwide as a short form for Laughing Out Loud. Thanks to the internet for the progression.

  • Some words never existed in the English language. Words like verandah are one of those examples.

  • Many other words are often unnoticed but do not appear in the English language. Words like pajamas, bungalow, jungle, almirah, pundit, shawl, and thug are perfect examples of the English words with a flair of Indianism.

The influences in modern Indian English proves that the language is constantly in motion and showcases the importance of internet and technology in the making of the contemporary world. The shift in the culture has transformed a language to a great deal. Without a doubt, overlooking the influences in contemporary Indian English is not possible. Moving with the rage is core to the growth.

July 30, 2018

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