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Growing English Demand and Hollywood Movies in India

How is your listening skill in English to watch a Hollywood movie in India? If you are reading titles only then better start learning English and build your listening skills in English language. More and more Hollywood movies are launched in India with great success. Past grand successes of movies like Harry Potter (all series), Lord Of The Rings (all series), Mission Impossible, Terminator (all series) have made India a favorite destination and generate more moolah.

The recent movie Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol even included leading Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor in a cameo role. Similarly, the Bollywood actors participated in award winning Slumdog Millionaire.

The Indian audience have started liking the Hollywood trend and catching up more with the English movies. Most of these movies are launched with subtitles in English because there are many users who do not follow the accent (american or australian in these movies) and that makes them difficult to follow movie sequence.

On the other hand, the impact of English is already visible as the employment opportunities are more promising for English speaking professionals in India. Every graduate or job aspiring candidates are seeking communication skill training in English for better career opportunities in India, that is triggering the English demand. Even these Hollywood movies just work as a learning platform for these aspiring professionals.

In the year 2011 alone there were more than 10 million job opportunities for English speaking professionals including jobs in retail, BPO and IT. A personalized learning like SpeakToday spoken English learning in India gives freedom to learners to even practice English speaking on their PC or laptop.

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