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IELTS as a Life-Changing Opportunity

IELTS has been there from many years in India and people have been opting for IELTS mainly for three reasons:

  1. For studying abroad,
  2. For immigrating, and
  3. For job opportunities.

“IELTS has been the fastest growing English test in the world”, said McLaven, first secretary, Educational Services, British High Commission while his visit in Bangalore. There were 2,30,000 candidates who opted for IELTS in year 2009 alone. This year the numbers would be much higher.

People from India find listening test relatively easy. They are usually nervous during speaking test, but felt positive about the experience after.  Of the candidates, 75% are those who want to study abroad and 25% are those who want to emigrate. Nurses form 10 percent of total IELTS participants.”, updated McLaven.

Also, some institutes are only focusing on practice rather than addressing the larger learning needs. The support to the program is widely used through online learning in India now a days. SpeakToday also has been a popular learning platform for students in India.

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