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How you can improve your spoken English skill?

Improving your spoken English skill is not just for a social status anymore but has become a supreme necessity today. As per Times of India news publication, people earn 34% higher salary who knows speaking in English fluently in comparison to those who can’t speak in English. Only 17% of the Engineering graduates have employability skills and most have English knowledge of not more than just 7th standard school student. What’s happening to our qualified graduates? Why they are unable to communicate in English confidently? when an even 4 years old child can speak English fluently.

Today, everyone aspires a job with an MNC company in the hope of getting better pay checks and world-class work environments. But MNC companies refrain offering administrative, official or technical jobs to people who cannot speak in English. Why? Because all their official communications including meetings and discussions are in English only. Therefore, it will make a huge difference in an interview if you can speak in English confidently.

SPEAK English to improve your spoken English skill. Learn how to:

You can get better paying jobs even if you don’t have a great degree but just your spoken English skill can get you in the shortlists. It’s not difficult to gain that expertise, only you must follow some simple speaking practice tips to practically improve your spoken English skill anytime, anywhere.

If you are one of those who can read and write in English but unable to speak in English confidently then SpeakToday.com offers courses that can help you to improve your English speaking ability from the day one. How? Let’s understand from the followings-

    1. With the use of Headphone/mic
      • ● You can talk to your English teacher LIVE on your PC/Laptop or Smartphone.
      • ● You will learn and practice speaking in English.
      • ● You will be corrected if you speak wrong or pronounce English words incorrectly.
      • ● Appear in online test and answer questions by speaking and not just by typing or selecting radio buttons.


    1. Many English listening exercises for comprehension with quizzes


    1. Many videos for anytime English grammar learning and speaking tips.


    1. Reading exercises.


    1. Get your spoken English result instantly.


  1. Get a course completion certificate.

Moreover, You don’t need to move out anywhere to attend English classes and waste hours in travelling for improving your spoken English skill.

If you are among those who knows reading and writing in English but want to improve spoken English skill then SpeakToday.com is your best friend to be with. SpeakToday.com offers world-class spoken English programs with special focus on speaking practice along with real-time English teachers available at your finger tips in front of your PC/Laptop or even Android phone.

July 8, 2019

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