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Interpreting the Cultural Richness of the Language with English Speaking Friends

You may be friends with people from different corners of the world where English is the first language. Such associations are very common in the era of social media. Of course, you can also have friends in real life who prefer to communicate in English. Engaging in discussions with friends and acquaintances helps immensely in developing your language skills. Your friends will be happy to help you also if you ask them.

Ask help from your friends

Of course, you need to tell them that you want their help. People frequently use wrong grammar over the internet. In fact, it is a common theme of online memes in social media. Rarely do you find anyone taking the effort to correct the errors. However, if you ask the other person to help you with English, he/she can definitely assist if your proposal is interesting.

The unique flavor of cultures

Languages closely associate with cultures. In fact, the same language undergoes diverse changes in different cultures. American, British, and Australian English are markedly different in many ways. There are variations in accents, spellings, use of phrases and idioms, and experiences. Different cultures also have their unique set of slangs. A slang is not necessarily a sswear word! It can also mean a colloquial usage. For example, you can take the words ‘dinkum’ and ‘grouse’. In Australian English, the former means ‘original’ and the latter means ‘great’. Such kinds of cultural exchanges enrich your vocabulary immensely.

Interpreting the uniqueness of cultures is useful in many ways. In case, you want to have a career as a call center executive, you have to talk with people from different corners of the world. Understanding the cultural background of the customer helps you excel at your job. It also opens your eyes to the different common aspects between countries.

The exchange also helps one to identify the cultural differences between people. When you learn to appreciate the apparent unique differences, you begin to realize that people are same everywhere at their hearts. You can find good and bad customers from anywhere in your position as a telecaller. Working on this perception, you can carry in general conversations with anyone across the world.

The social media sites serve the purpose of communications immensely. Talking with friends from different countries also improves your general communication abilities. Besides talking through ‘comments’, you can also engage in free video chats with people. All these are wonderful methods of cultural exchanges enriching you.

In direct communications

Besides talking over phones or the internet, direct communications with English speaking friends in India also significantly increments your understanding of the rich cultural heritage. Many people from South India and the North East are more fluent in English than they are in Hindi. Both these regions represent rich cultural heritage. Talk to share the experiences of understanding the different traditions.

The southern state of Kerala deserves a special mention for their tendency to use English as a usual language of interaction. People from Goa are also very comfortable in speaking English instead of Hindi. Explore the different cultures by the medium of English language learning.

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