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Is It Hinglish That You Speak?

I am an English language freak and finds it interesting to see people conversing in the English language with a blend of Hindi (popularly known as Hinglish) on it.  Needless to say, Bollywood has been a critical figure in the evolution of Hinglish in India and the young Indians finds it cool to follow. India is a big country with the largest youth population all over the world. It is evident that the language has a higher influence on this group of people.

Hinglish” – What is it?

Perplexed! What is the meaning of this dandy word? The hybrid mix of Hindi with the English language while conversing is termed as Hinglish. Indeed, such phrases do not agree with the ethics of English grammar and have been entirely explored in India by the Indians.

Here are a few examples of Hinglish words and phrases:

  • Misinterpretation of the word expired – In India when a person dies, we often see people referring as expired for the dead. While the term expired is used to define the end of the shelf life of products like medicines or packaged food. Also, the documents like passport and license expire, but not the people.

  • What is your good name – Have you ever met someone who asked you this question ever in your life? Certainly! Most of us do. The addition of the word good to the phrase is the discovery of India.

  • No “na” – Again na is not needed to justify NO

hinglish or english?

After all, we cannot avoid acquiring the local influence on our language when the country is Hindustan. Known for its diverse cultures, Indian land is a home for the people of 29 states and 7 union territories, and each of these states follows different cultures and speak different languages. Expecting every Indian to speak perfect English won’t be fair though!

Now the question that arises is, “Is it fine for the students to learn this unusual blend of English and Hindi?”

Till the culture is confined to India, it is entirely fine, but the language has no relevance in other parts of the world. It is essential for the students to judge the difference and make use of a right language where required. As far as the student’s life is concerned, Hinglish culture may be nourished, but once a student turns professional, making use of such a mendacious language does not sound good professionally and leaves a wrong impression on the delegates.

The irony is that the Indian youth is getting more inclined towards the English language, but make use of Hinglish out of ignorance. They do not even know that the dialect they make use of has no significance in the Oxford dictionary.

The evolution of Hinglish is just compromising the ability of Indian youth to learn correct grammar. In fact, it has also affected their command on the language that our ancestors had. The training should start early from the school itself so that they develop a good understanding to differentiate between English and Hinglish and make a right usage in the right place.

Speaktoday.com is well-aware that the usage of Hinglish is evident in today’s time and is keen on helping students and professionals to overcome their habit of speaking a redundant language. It is one among the top 10 educational websites in India and has been working continuously on their mission of imparting the knowledge of English language among the Indian crowd.

July 30, 2018

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