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Learn How To Speak English Fluently

Many Indian students find English as a difficult hill to climb. The obstacles of insufficient vocabulary, the pitfalls of grammar, and the fear of getting into a difficult terrain all act together to make the language challenging. However, when you have a guide who knows the tracks well enough, the journey becomes easy. The first step in learning how to speak English is to overcome your apprehensions on the subject. Always check the context when you find an uncommon word such as ‘apprehensions’.


The Habit of Consulting Dictionary

Interpret the feelings conveyed by the word even though you may not know the actual meaning immediately. Do not fret, as you can easily understand by following the way a word expresses an idea. Once you get the initial logic by common sense, you can easily double check the meaning from a dictionary. You do not have to carry a pocket dictionary with you always either! The internet already has multiple dictionaries for an in-depth understanding of virtually any word.

In the above example, just type in ‘apprehension definition’ in the search engine to get the full meaning. Nowadays, many mobile phones also provide an inbuilt dictionary. You can always find the meanings of different words and enrich your vocabulary.


Reading English Newspapers

Follow into the habit of consulting the dictionary or thesarus in different other levels. Learners of the language must subscribe to a good English newspaper daily. It is indeed a great way to learn new words and phrases. Besides, reading the paper also keeps you updated on recent developments in the society. This can be very useful in competitive exams where they often test your general knowledge.

Once you read the paper, you may find some words whose meanings are unknown. Use a pocket marker or a pen to highlight these words. Get to the dictionary again, and find the meanings. Soon, the mysteries of the wonderful language begin to reveal fluently. You can also use the new words in your general communication. They are appropriate because newspapers always follow an understandable format of the language.


Reading Books in English

Apart from the newspaper, another great way to learn English is to read books. It is an amazing literature of the Shakespeare! There is an infinite wealth of great stories, novels, and poems in the language. Just devote half an hour of your napping time and read yourself to sleep. You can also read digital books on your computer. You always have immediate access to the dictionary besides your common sense understanding of the context.


Outdoing the Psychological Obstacle

You automatically begin to outdo the psychological wall in your head when it comes to speaking in English if you follow the above steps. Do not feel afraid to make mistakes. Even veteran lecturers, journalists, and experienced writers make mistakes. After all, every newspaper has an editor for the purpose! Unless you make mistakes, you do not get to learn the right way. Confidence eventually follows and soon you begin to congratulate yourself on the ability to speak the language easily. Systematic Spoken English learning programs such as speaktoday.com can be very helpful in developing the speaking skills.

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