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Looking for jobs in Canada? Your English speaking skills are important.

Though Canada badly needs skilled workers like plumbers, electricians and auto mechanics etc. but the most important factor that help a skilled worker from India get a job there is their English language skills. The Canadian Consul General in Chandigarh, Scot Slessor warned that poor English language skills was affecting the chances of job aspirants from India and especially Punjab.

There are many trained professionals in India who are willing to migrate to Canada for better opportunities and life style. Even if they know their technical skills well their English speaking abilities can only help them get a job in a country like Canada.

“The major problem is that people who migrate from here for jobs in Canada cannot speak fluent English and therefore while communicating there they face many problems including communicating in English to locals and while applying for jobs. So, before applying for Canada immigration they need to attend proper English classes and practice English speaking in real life to ensure they are well versed and do not face any problems when they speak to someone in Canada in English language.

This will help them finding jobs with much ease else they get frustrated very fast. Yes, there is a lot of demand of plumbers, electricians, truck drivers, auto mechanics and other professionals in Canada as there is shortage of such people and in India we find good plumbers and other professionals to join there” Slessor updated.

The Consul General updated that his country had eased visa restrictions for parents and grandparents of those who are permanent residents in Canada. Just about a month ago, Canadian immigration authorities has introduced a Super Visa category for grandparents and parents, who can apply for visa in this category to visit Canada and meet their children, grandchildren. The visa duration is for ten years and they can stay for two years in one go. This was updated as there was a backlog from immigration family cases who wanted their parents to migrate to Canada to take care of their grand children due to both are full time professionals and find difficulties in taking care of their kids.

“The super visa is greatly appreciated in India and within a month itself we got almost thousand applications under this category. There are around 40 to 50 thousand people who apply for tourist and short duration stay visas and even the number of student visas applied are the highest in the country.” Scot Slessor updated.

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