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More Rural Students For Online Learning

Graduate students in rural areas are realizing the potential of learning spoken English. Take an example of Arindam Srinivasan, a B.Sc. graduate from Trivandrum, spends lots of time in studying English newspaper. Arindam is just learning English language to better his performance in his next CAT examination.

He finds that the English subject would be tough to crack because of his rural background.

I’ve been preparing for CAT for almost 7 months now and have been studying all this time but English was tough. I knew English but my reading was slow. Students from rural background find English tough.” Arindam.

In India, computers have already reached villages.

Even if you find it hard to believe but it’s a fact that computers have reached rural areas now and students do not find it hard to appear in online tests now a days. But, yes it requires further penetration in deeper areas and more exposure to students.

A large student population comes from rural areas and premier coaching centers like TIME coaching institute, too, has recorded 15-20% rise in rural students enrollments every year.

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