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B.tech (IT), MS (IT, London)

Experience 6+ Years

Languages known
English, Tamil

Ms. Chittikala P. - Instructor

She has done her Masters in information technology from University of East London, London. She is a software engineer by education and an excellent teacher by profession.

Apart from software development experience. She has 3+ years of experience as an HR Executive in UK’s leading staff recruitment company and 3+ years experience in teaching English communication and soft skills. She has good experience in dealing with learners not only while teaching but also helping them how to prepare during hiring process. She started working as an HR and then switched her profession as an instructor since she found teaching is more satisfying and interesting job.

She has qualified GRE, IELTS and TOEFL at top rankings. She is a dedicated and student-focused teacher. She gets tremendous satisfaction when she observes visible changes in her students English communication skills.

She says, “It’s simply priceless when I hear my students speaking grammatically correct sentences with clear and perfect pronunciation the way she has taught them online at SpeakToday.com using selective phrases and vocabulary”.

"Double-click any word or simply highlight any text to listen."

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