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Not Just Learn English, Practice Speaking It Too

In order to learn good English speaking, one must give more emphasis on building sentences without any grammatical errors. Therefore, learning English grammar becomes very important to speak good English.

It’s important to speak English sentences loud and clear enough to ensure good speaking ability. They must also build their confidence in speaking English in a group of friends or colleagues.

There are many people who believe a book alone or a DVD is enough to learn English speaking at home. They forget that there is no language in the world that can be learned to speak without actually speaking it.

English speaking practice builds confidence and gives ability to respond instantly in a live conversation in an interview or a group discussion. Yes, its hard to find time and place to practice English speaking. Therefore, Libra introduced a software program called SpeakToday that helps user speak in their own voice to animated characters using a headphone and microphone connected to a computer.

This was introduced after 2 years of research on why people are able to pass their English exam with good marks but when it comes to English speaking they are unable to speak. The answer was simple, people were not speaking English as they were finding it difficult to find time and place to practice speaking it. The another roadblock was that, there was no one who could correct them when they are speaking within a group after class hours.

SpeakToday software ensures a learner practically speaks the sentences to complete the learning modules. SpeakToday has a very innovative tool called VIRO Meter that ensures to correct your spoken words accuracy on the spot.

This innovative program is used by thousands of learners in many institutions throughout the country. Many professionals at home and offices are also using it to gain confidence in speaking English. They can practice speaking in their privacy and get corrected by the software itself when they speak it wrong.

To learn English as a language is very different from speaking it. The speaking ability comes with practice and that’s what is lacking among large population in India. Probably, the technology support like SpeakToday is enabling India speak English.

The software is even reaching in rural segments where lack of trainers is another roadblock for the learners. SpeakToday program supports regional languages like Hindi, Tamil and Kannada to help people learn grammar concepts easily.

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