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Now ICSE Will Evaluate Spoken English Too

Image Courtesy: Creative Commons

The necessity of spoken English is realized in the schools also. Now, ICSE will be evaluating the spoken English abilities of students in schools especially for the class IX students in India. They need to be trained in spoken English as well as listening skills.

Empowering the students with spoken English skills from early help in building their personality. It help them speak confidently to teachers and to the outside world especially when it comes to interviews and presentations.

It’s not only the spoken English abilities but also the listening skills and grammar need to be corrected. Today, we find many students and professionals who can write good English and may get good marks in their English exams but when it comes to speaking the language, they miss the magic.

Overall, a student’s ability to speak in English open many doors for advancement of their career and helps them in spearheading their achievements. There are millions of students who study abroad and that requires them to clear TOEFL and IELTS exams that require them to prove their communications skills in English.

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