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Rural Education in India – Top 5 Benefits of Promoting English in the Indian Villages.

Rural education in India suffers from a few set of loopholes. Especially, the absence of the English language in the curriculum sets forth several challenges for the Indian villagers.

English has emerged as a global medium of communication over the decades. Hence, it is a language of choice for economic, commercial and social proceedings. In fact, it has also helped India to grow as a service based nation from an agrarian society. Thus, the promotion of the English education in the rural India has been a significant reason behind the shift.

The introduction of the subject in the countryside was challenging because people are not open to change there, and adding a foreign language in the curriculum was a big decision when the literacy rate itself in the backward societies is significantly low.

Advantages of promoting English education among the Rural crowd

  1. Restriction of the growth of the disparity among the urban and the rural crowd – English language contributes to the building of confident youth. Hence, it helped a great deal in the restriction of the growth of the disparity among the urban and the rural crowd giving a halt to political instability
  2. Better earning power – According to the researchers conducted on several national and international level, it has been proven that the learning of the language has increased the earning strength of the rural youth to about 25% and have contributed to the development of the Indian as well as the global economy.
  3. High-tech farming technique – English education did not only encourage the youth to lead towards service sector but also influenced them to implement the high-tech methods in agriculture for better productivity. It promoted awareness among the young people and helped them find a better alternative to traditional means of farming.  Agriculture is the primary occupation of the country and considering high-tech and innovative methods for enhancing the productivity assisted in taking the culture of agriculture to the next level.
  4. Recognition – Indeed! It is one of the greatest benefits that have been derived from the promotion of the language among the Indian villagers. They started to recognize the importance of the dialect and also got to realize that they can come out of their shells by learning the same. In fact, their understanding of the language inspired them to head towards other professions to agriculture and make a living.
  5. Getting over the inferiority complex – As English has become a must to know a language in today’s competitive world, students from the rural background who are not well-versed with the same and lacks fluency tend to develop an inferiority complex. Know-how of the English language helps them to get over the inferiority complex and develop the desired confidence to face the world in the future.

  6. After seventy years of the Independence, English is being used in every field of the Indian culture. It is a common means of communication in the global front; though, hurdles to teaching English in rural India cannot be overlooked, especially, the lack of fluency in the language among the teachers because of their inadequate knowledge and skills. Most of the teachers are struggling to teach the language to the students in the Indian villages. The focus should be to encourage the teachers to polish their skills to share it with the students further.The flaws in the rural education in India further contributes to the low social status of the residents and needs a better learning culture for uplifting themselves in the global context.If you are a part of Indian rural community and not well-versed with the English dialect and is more comfortable with your regional language, can help you learn the same through its multilingual interface as it supports languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and many other regional languages. Joint this course and polish your English communication abilities.
July 30, 2018

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