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Top 5 Safety Tips for Kids

Are our children safe inside the school premises? Are you scared of sending your child to school?

Are you looking for practical safety tips for kids inside the school?

The unfortunate event of a seven-year-old Pradyuman’s murder in Ryan International School has raised safety concerns among the Indian parents. The growing unrest among the parental community is evident and put a big question mark on the security arrangements of the schools as well as the safety lapses that parents ignore unknowingly.

It is sad that such mishappenings occur instead of the strong security claims made on the end of an educational institution. In the mayhem, who is the culprit – Parents, staff, or the politics that exist within the system? Blaming the school authorities or the parents is not the solution to the problem; we also need to focus on the safety tips for children that can educate them to stay safe.

Top 5 Tips for kids to Stay Safe

The main aim of the article is to throw light on the ways that can help our little ones to handle the adverse situation smartly and get over it flawlessly. Here we go!

tips for kids to stay safe

    1. United we stand,” It is a well-known phrase and can serve as the best safety policy. Please ask your child always to be a part of a group rather than being all alone at school. Whether it’s a tidbits break or they want to go to the lavatory, they should ask friends to accompany them. Nobody gives a thought to attacking a cluster of kids, especially inside the school. Also, there should be attendants in the school bathrooms to keep a check on the activities taking place inside the toilet area.


    1. Almost every private school in India provide school buses for kids located in distant places. In fact, I would say that it is the safest of all the other transportation options. But, this is not the sole parameter for judging the security measures. The school buses must comply with a few safety standards like the availability of 2-3 attendants for duty. Also, there should be the provision for fire extinguisher and a first aid box inside a bus.Also, it is the responsibility of parents to conduct regular checks regarding safety measures with the transport department of the school. If they have a feeling that the safety measures are not up to the mark, they should take the matter to the higher authorities of the school. In fact, even the kids should be taught about the ways to ensure their safety inside a moving vehicle.


    1. Get familiar with the school’s emergency procedures. Take time to speak to the staff regarding the same and note down all the important phone numbers of the school.


    1. Make sure to learn the travel route of your kid so that the mishappenings can be avoided in the future.


    1. Take your children in confidence and speak to them regarding their fears. Inform them that instead of having a feeling that other people will make fun of their fear, they should convey the things that offer them a sense of being unsafe.


    1. You can also visit School Safety tips from top global websites like National Safety Council here.


Our kids are precious, and it is our duty to teach them to stand against wrong. We are the one who can teach them to be courageous and take care of themselves when the need arises. Stress on the practically designed safety measures for kids for a safer upbringing.

Speaktoday.com propounds the security measures as mentioned above for the kids because we understand that the safety of children is always the prior concern of every parent.

July 30, 2018

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