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Top 6 Reasons Hindering the Poor People Path to Learning English

The FAD for learning English is growing every day, and the apparent reason associated with it is the popularity of the language throughout the globe. The challenges related to learning the language are grave in India. Especially the people of the underprivileged communities are still not aware of the associated benefits and stay deprived of learning the language.

The scenario is depressing. In fact, the recent hype on imparting English education to the kids in Anganwadi is still in papers. There is still no clue about this six months old project that was passed under 17th Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) for Anganwadi children. It is a matter that needs attention, and some real measures must be implied for changing the existing situation in the country.

Below are mentioned a few points that are hindering their path to learning English

  1. Usually, if a child is born in a family that is deprived of several amenities is exposed to many socio-economic challenges during the early years of his life. The graph continues in the same direction, and they end up making several compromises along with compromising on their right to education. To learn English is like a dream come true for many, as most of them don’t even have recognition for English alphabets

  2. Even if they get an opportunity to go to school, they are left with the assistance of the teachers who are not very educated and don’t also have a basic understanding of the English language. So their exposure to the dialect is not justified in a real sense

  3. The low-income families offer an upbringing to their children that have a negative impact on their emotionality leading to the decline in their cognitive abilities. It results in lower literacy rate among the people belonging to the low-class

  4. Lack of role models in their life so they end up growing uneducated

  5. No academic involvement of the parents due to their low educational background. Mostly, it has been observed that poor people don’t value education.

  6. Lack of effective measures by the government that can be a driving source to contribute to their education.

  7. They do not have good teachers who know English and can teach them further. So they never develop an understanding of the dialect

There is a dire need of addressing these concerns by supporting the cause of educational attainment for the rural crowd. English education is one of those ladders that can contribute to improving their lifestyle. But, before that, it is vital for them to have an academic involvement in uplifting their status and thoughts. They need to understand the value of education and the benefits of learning English. The need to educate them regarding the same is essential.

The stereotypes of these people matter, and in spite of the government’s continuous efforts, things are not taking a real leap. The practical solution is to reach their stereotypes and educate them to emphasise more on the benefits associated with their education. Only then they will understand the worth of learning English and how can it help them to grow in every sphere of life.


July 9, 2020

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