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Top 7 IELTS Speaking Test Tips

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If your answer is yes, qualifying for IELTS exam is the first milestone to get through. Disbursed into Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking, each module of IELTS is designed to check the English proficiency level of a candidate. Speaking test of IELTS is one of the most challenging modules and is a fear for many out there.

The article shares IELTS Speaking test tips with the candidates for developing a better understanding of the same.

Why IELTS Speaking Test seems to be more challenging?


  • It involves face to face communication with the examiner, and people who are not well-versed with the English language may not converse conveniently and tend to make mistakes.
  • The biggest challenge associated with the test is to speak continuously for about 10-15 minutes. Also, the lack of knowledge on a speech topic may result into irrelevant and obstructed oration, the effect of which can be observed in the confidence of a person.
  • The test is recorded that becomes one of the biggest reasons to cause nervousness among the candidates.

The main aim of the IELTS speaking test is to assess the candidate’s ability to express and organize ideas as well as to judge his/her capacity to speak at length. The test is divided into three parts. Each part is significant, and the candidate is expected to perform consistently to score well. The first part is a question-answer session related to the personal profile of a person. The second part is a speech where the speaker is expected to speak for about 1-2 minutes continuously on a topic provided by the examiner. The last part is a two-way communication where the candidate needs to express the opinions related to part 2 for which he is expected to reply the questions that examiner asks. Overall, it is a combination of practice and smart work. A well-planned preparation can help in acquiring the desired band score in the first attempt itself.
IELTS Speaking test tips

Tips To Crack IELTS Speaking Test

    1. Don’t be precise- Always remember that the trial is conducted to check your hold on the language and being very specific may not help you score well. For example – If the examiner asks about the number of members in your family, your reply should not be restricted to 3 or 4. You should aim at describing the number and your relationship with the concerned people. Also, you can elaborate by telling that you share a special bond with each member of the family.
    2. Give relevant replies- Relevancy is the key to success. Do not speak something out of the topic. Rather give responses that are elaborate yet to the point. For example – If you are asked to talk about the celebrity whom you adore, you should not get off the topic and start discussing other people in his/her life. Just stick to the person whom you admire, and why?
    3. Don’t be over honest- Well, it may sound a bit weird, but sometimes being honest can be a reason for leaving a negative impression on the examiner. For example – If you are asked about your favourite pastime, you should not say that you love to sleep when idle. You can always say that you like doing several things when free. Maybe, reading books, cooking, playing football and a lot more. The focus must be on giving positive replies than negative ones.
    4. Avoid repetitions- Use an extensive range of vocabulary and avoid repetitions of words. Rather, use synonyms to highlight your expertise in the language.
    5. Be fluent- The concept of fluency is different with IELTS. Fluency in IELTS means the ability to speak relevantly without errors. Your speed in speaking does not judge your fluency. Just make it a point that whatever you speak should be without errors. Also, try to avoid making use of slangs as much as possible.
    6. Be consistent- Keep the pace of your speaking consistent. Do not rush or make delays while speaking. It appears unnatural and increase possibilities of losing marks.

The above-mentioned IELTS speaking test tips helped me score an eight-band. Just follow them, and I am sure you will get the best out of it.

July 30, 2018

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