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Top Scorer of Your College Yet Not Getting the Top Job?

You are the top scorer in your engineering exams, but your friend with 60% marks managed a better job than yours. Ironical! Isn’t it? But, the fact is that your academic result has nothing to do with your career.

Most of us struggle to yield a job after completing our education in spite of the extraordinary performance in our exams. The buzz for the high percentage of marks is confined only to school and college days, but the kind of job you get is a real game changer.

There are many reasons for not getting a decent job instead of being a top scorer of one’s institution. Some of the significant reasons are:

  • Lack of opportunities in the market – Without a doubt, if there are fewer opportunities in the market, yielding a job becomes challenging. Especially, when a multitude of candidates appears for a common job interview.
  • Lack of adequate knowledge and skills in the concerned field – You may be a topper of your college, but not necessarily skilled and knowledgeable about the subject in which you are seeking a job for. It may become a hindrance on your way to availing a job.
  • Low level of confidence – Indeed! Low level of confidence is one of the major determinants that can become a reason for your rejection. Hence, you may fail to attain your dream job.
  • Weak communication skills – Sometimes our low level of confidence interrupts with our communication skills, and we may end up losing a job opportunity.
  • Inability to communicate in English – Not able to speak English? Yes! You are at a disadvantage as most of the big companies out there looking for executives having a strong command of the English communication skills. It’s a perception that candidates having an ability to speak English are smarter and can also represent a company on a global level.

Inability to speak English is one of the prime reasons among all the others discussed above. Most of the people in India cannot talk in English, and that is the reason they are unable to crack interviews for top-class jobs. The students lack the confidence to speak English instead of being from an English medium background. The lack of proficiency is due to two primary reasons. Firstly, the language is not native to them, and finally, their hesitation and lack of practice never let them come out of the shell.

Strong English communication skills are an essential requirement for excelling in a career. No matter whether you are an engineer, lawyer or an IT professional, the need to learning the language is evident in the modern society. It is essential to polish ones English speaking skills to surmount the pressure in the professional life.

Many English coaching classes offer specialized training to the candidates desirous of learning the language. Speaktoday is one of those incredible platforms that make use of the state-of-the-art technology for empowering the students and professionals with excellent English communication skills. Why not join this course and fetch a top job for yourself along with being a top scorer of your institute.


July 8, 2019

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