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How SpeakToday Makes Use of Technology in Education for Promoting English Learning?

The Millennium era of Information Technology and computers and internet has opened the avenue for newer possibilities. You just need an idea to mingle it with technology for turning it into innovation. SpeakToday understands the concept well and hence made use of technology in education for presenting its fantastic English learner’s platform amidst the masses.

With our platform of instructional technology going there to visit their house will no more be a headache, confusion between one and won will no more be intense, and to see a sea will sound no more horrifying.

A lot of you might be struggling with these homophones in the English language that might be interfering with your growth as a student, professional, or a businessman.

English is a global language and it’s worth in different spheres of life cannot be overlooked. All of us are well-aware of the difficulties faced by the people with a basic understanding of the language. This is what made us realise that the use of technology in education can do wonders and we decided to design an interface providing 24 hours online support to the learners.

use of technology in education speech

Here are the highlights of our SPOKEN ENGLISH program:

  • Our course is an incredible example of modern technology in education that supports Live Online Instructor’s session for a real-time classroom experience. We know that teacher can’t be with you always. Therefore, we have created a curriculum, where students can get connected to our faculty through Audio/Visual Multimedia based tutorials anytime throughout the day. You merely need access to a microphone, webcam, and internet connection to get in touch with our team of expert teachers.

  • Once a student enrols in our program, they can practice unlimited speaking. With the help of our Speech recognition technology, students get a clearer idea of the pronunciation of a specific word. You just need to highlight or double-click any of the words to listen. It’s as simple! We provide our students with a facility to be a part of the several online speaking tests where they can speak a sentence, and our system provides instant feedback by giving them an insight into their mistakes. Also, it includes speech enhancement suggestions.

  • Our speaking practice modules offers liberty for extensive speaking practice by making use of headphone/mic.

  • Our curriculum provides access to various interactive quizzes, where students are expected to speak, listen, and answer the questions. Guess what else! Our system immediately provides a score for the exam out of 10. It helps them to judge their level.

  • Our use of technology in education speech also supports Vernacular learning including Hindi, Oriya, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada.

Like we usually say that knowledge is incomplete without a teacher, but the norms are different when it comes to spoken English. You need a teacher with you 24/7 who can keep a check on your pronunciation, grammar errors, and also makes it a point that you can practice maximum speaking. Our online platform serves you 24/7, throughout the year without any interruption even when teachers are away.

Only SpeakToday can provide you with the desired exposure. It’s our dream to produce maximum English speakers throughout the country and over the Globe. Thus, we have revolutionised the concept of the importance of technology in education and came up with the best possibilities so that it can benefit people on their goal of English learning.

We are proud to announce that SpeakToday has been awarded as the Innovative Learning Company of the Year 2018, just because of presenting an incredible English learner’s platform to the people looking for the ways to improve their language speaking abilities.

We invite you to be a part of the program and learn English by making the best use of technology in education!



January 19, 2019

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