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Video Conferencing Based Online Courses – Is It Effective?

We are living in a digital era. I feel really impressed when I look back and compare technological advancement with the past few decades. Indeed! The growth pattern is commendable and noteworthy. The trend of video conferencing has taken education to a next level.

Nowadays,  studies are no more confined to traditional classroom protocol. Today, you can conveniently enroll for online learning modules and can opt for online classes. You can be remotely situated within your home country or your home city, or maybe abroad, and can still go for video conferencing based online courses.

online video courses

This is an amazing trend that has opened more career pathways for the students. They can study the subject of their choice without moving from their place. I have no doubt regarding the effectiveness of this teaching and learning method. Still, there lies an unending debate regarding its efficiency as every individual has his own way to judge things.

Advantages of Online Learning Through Video Conferencing

  • Remote learning made possible – Online video classes offer opportunities to students located in remote areas. Especially in the rural areas where students do not get the opportunity to go out of their villages for higher education. They can always enjoy and explore the experience of the virtual classroom through it. It’s convenient, and a great moral support for the students for whom mobility becomes a barrier
  • Recorded lessons can be employed effectively – Well, with video conferencing you may not have to repeat the class for the student who by chance happened to miss it. It can be recorded and the student can go through the recorded lesson for the future reference.
  • Self Learning – Indeed! You tend to learn a lot on your own through the online medium. After a class, you can do self study by making use of your system and explore more on the subject.
  • Hindrance of time and distance sorted out – Online video courses are a wonderful means that removes the barrier of time and place. You may not have time to travel for attending classes or you might not be able to be present at a particular place for the class, but going online has made things much easier. Learning must always be an ongoing process, irrespective of a person being associated with a formal school or not
  • Platform to connect faculty and parents – Through video conferencing, teachers and parents can also get connected and speak to each other regarding the possibilities for the growth of the candidate. In fact, it also has the ability to connect experts, school faculty and students for boosting the learning process
  • Time saver – It saves you time undoubtedly, by helping you utilize it in a more practical way than spending it on traveling and breaks that is a part of a physical school learning
  • Money saver – It saves you money that you might have spent on commuting otherwise. Also, you are saved from getting exhausted in public transportation during the times of hot and sultry weather conditions

online video courses

Demerits of Online Video Courses

To be honest, there are no such major demerits associated with online video courses, but there are a few minor loopholes that cannot be overlooked.

  • When we step out and join an institution, we tend to meet many new people and our social circle grows. But, here we lose that opportunity
  • Poor internet connectivity at times can hamper the experience of the session. In that case, the output may not be up to the expectations

With a few sets of loopholes, free online classes are still a great platform where knowledge can be derived in its best form. We just need to be mentally prepared to address these issues and extract the best from each live session.

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May 21, 2020

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