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When Bollywood Inspires People To Learn English

As we know, these days Bollywood films are not just meant for entertainment but also to give a strong message to our society by different means. When Sridevi’s comeback film, English Vinglish released in India there was lot of motivation among students to learn English.

SpeakToday spoken English course online registrations suddenly increased for quite some time during this film’s release time and we were wondering what is the motivation factor among new learners. It was surprising that many learners from rural network were ready to come to their nearest city to complete SpeakToday learning programme. It’s not just SpeakToday spoken English programme online but even regular spoken English centres would have seen the surge in demand.

The most motivational factor was that when Bihar’s Mahadalit girls who are trying to learn art of speaking in English found it very interesting to learn the queen’s language after watching Sridevi’s comeback movie English Vinglish.

There has been many people who found out that without learning spoken English their career is not reaching that position where it should have been or where their colleagues have reached due to their better English communication skills.

We have found there are many learners whose written English skill is very good in-fact they have secured more than 70-80% in their English exams but they were unable to speak it. Why? The reason is simple, they do not speak what they learn. Therefore, SpeakToday’s practice based along with regional language support based learning have gained momentum in India. Today, there are thousands of learners online who uses SpeakToday in their privacy of home or in various language labs and practice speaking in English with the help of SpeakToday.