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Why Indians Are Not Considered For English Teaching Jobs Abroad?

English is the second official language of India and India is also the SECOND largest English speaking country in the world. In a country of 1,652 languages and dialects, Indians use English to communicate. Most of the predominantly affluent and middle-class Indians have attended English-medium schools and universities and are capable of communicating very well in English abroad.  And yet, Indians are not considered “native English speakers”. This racism can be labeled as nothing but the prejudice is a combination of ignorance and the sometimes poor reputation of the Indian education system.

There are professionals who want to make their career in English teaching jobs. These professionals have to complete Cambridge certified “CELTA” course (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults). British Council website says “Cambridge Certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages (CELTA) is an internationally recognized qualification which enables successful candidates to work in institutions world-wide. “.

But this course is just not enough. After talking to many such professionals, it was found that Europe would also not give preference because they want professionals with EU passport only.  Even East Asian countries don’t issue work permits to non-native English teachers. It is even more disappointing when one does these courses to make a career as English teacher abroad and you are shown “Native English teachers only”.

Stuart, a recruiter based in China, surprisingly found that few years ago, some schools did accept the non-native speakers, as long as their accent was neutral and their grammar and language awareness were exceptional. However, recently all schools issued a circular saying they will no longer accept applicants who are NOT from the six countries (UK and Ireland, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa).


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