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Word of the day: Avoid

To keep away from:

To avoid a certain person; to avoid dangerous places.

To prevent from happening:

To avoid an accident.


Escape, evade, elude, dodge.

Avoid, escape mean to come through a potentially harmful or unpleasant experience, without suffering serious consequences. To avoid is to succeed in keeping away from something dangerous or undesirable: to avoid heavy traffic. Escape suggests encountering peril but coming through it safely: to escape a punishment.


She couldn’t avoid his gaze anymore.

He avoided an accident by applying the brakes on time.

We should try our best to avoid further delays.

The doctor advised her to avoid eating fried food.

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She couldnt couldn't avoid his gaze anymore
He avoided an accident by applying the brakes on timetime.
We should try our best to avoid further for the delays
The doctor advised her to avoid eating fried food


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