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Word of the day: Charge

To impose or ask as a price or fee:

That store charges Rs 200 for a pair of socks.


The responsibility of managing or watching over something:

The police took charge of the situation.


Accuse someone formally of something, especially in criminal proceedings:

He was charged with murder by the court. 

To attack vigorously or move forward as if attacking:

The army charged towards the border.


To suffuse, as with emotion:

It was a charged atmosphere at the concert.


To supply with a quantity of electrical energy:

To charge a mobile phone.


Cost, price; accuse, indict; assign, entrust.


How much will you charge for the ride?

He was charged with a serious crime.

The battery is not charged.

The player charged towards his opponent.

The manager asked his secretary to take charge of his email correspondence.


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