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Word of the day: Consider

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Word of the day: Consider


To think carefully about, especially in order to make a decision:

 He considered the risk before resigning from his job.

To regard as or deem to be:

 I consider this story to be false.

To think, believe, or suppose:

 I consider your behaviour to be highly  irresponsible.


 Reflect, study, ponder, deliberate, weigh.

Study, consider, reflect, weigh imply fixing the mind upon something, generally doing so with a view to some decision or action.Study implies an attempt to obtain a grasp of something by methodical or exhaustive thought: to study a report. Reflect implies looking back quietly over past experience and giving it consideration: to reflect on someone’s advice. Weigh implies a deliberate and judicial estimate, as by a balance: to weigh the pros and cons of a decision.


 Have you considered the option of working from home?

 We should consider his past works before taking this decision.

 She is considering switching the company.

 The judge considered the boys’ age before giving out the judgement.


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