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Word of the day: Convince


To cause (someone) to believe that something is true:
 She was not convinced when I told her I am not well.


To cause (someone) to agree to do something:

 His teammates convinced him to join them for lunch.


 Persuade, induce, encourage.

Persuade, induce imply influencing someone’s thoughts or actions. They are used today mainly in the sense of winning over a person to a certain course of action: It was I who persuaded him to take a new job. They differ in that persuade suggests appealing more to the reason and understanding.Induce emphasizes only the idea of successful influence, whether achieved by argument or by promise of reward: The manager induced him to stay at his job? Owing to this idea of compensation, induce may be used in reference to the influence of factors as well as of persons: The prospect of an early promotion was what induced him to stay.


 The manager convinced him to go home and take rest.

 She was not convinced by his excuse for coming late.

 We convinced him to come with us to the movie.

 I am convinced that he is telling the truth.


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