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Word of the day: Count


To check over (the separate units or groups of a collection) one by one to determine the total number:
 He counted the total number of applications they had received.


To list or name the numerals up to:
 The two year old girl can count till 100.


To take into account:

 Only five students have arrived, counting me.

To consider or regard:

 She counted herself lucky to have survived the accident.


The act of counting; calculation:

 She did a quick count and realized some money was missing.

The number representing the result of a process of counting; the total number.
What is the final count?


Tally, calculate, total, include.


Please count the items before arranging them.

She counted the number of students standing in line.

Count the apples kept in the fruit basket.

There are 300 people attending this seminar, counting the speaker.


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