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Word of the day: Decide


To choose (something) after thinking about it:

 She decided to go for shopping with her friends.


To reach a conclusion about (something) because of evidence:

 The matter will be decided in court tomorrow.


 Determine, resolve, settle, conclude.

Decide, resolve, determine imply settling upon a purpose and being able to adhere to it. To decide is to make up one’s mind as to what shall be done and the way to do it: He decided to stay home and relax. To resolve is to show firmness of purpose: He resolved to work harder. To determine is to make up one’s mind and then to stick to a fixed or settled purpose: He was determined to exercise daily.


 The company decided to hike the salary of its employees.

 They decided to have the wedding next month.

 Can’t you decide what you want to do in your life?

 He decided to take a break from work.


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