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Word of the day: Decrease

To make less; cause to diminish:
 To decrease the speed of a car.


To become smaller in size, number, amount etc.

 As winter sets in, the temperature starts decreasing.



The act or process of decreasing, condition of being decreasing , condition of being decreased; gradual reduction:
 A decrease in profit.


The amount by which a thing is lessened:

 The company recorded a 20 percent decrease in sales this year.



Lessen, decline, diminish, contract, shrink, abate.

Decrease, diminish,dwindle, shrink imply becoming smaller or less in amount. Decrease commonly implies a sustained reduction in stages, especially of bulk, size, volume, or quantity, often from some imperceptible cause or inherent process: The pressure decreased gradually. Diminish usually implies the action of some external cause that keeps taking away : The number of supporters at the rally dwindled slowly. Dwindle implies an undesirable reduction by degrees, resulting in attenuation: His followers dwindled to a mere handful. Shrink especially implies contraction through an inherent property under specific conditions: the balloon shrunk in size.


Her anger  decreased with time.

She  decreased her food intake in order to lose weight.

The amount of time she spent on watching television  decreased slowly.

The sales have  decreased in the past few months.


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