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Word of the day: Dismiss


To direct (an assembly of persons) to disperse or go:

 To dismiss a meeting.

To discharge or remove, as from office or service:

 To dismiss from duty.

To put off or away, especially from consideration; put aside; reject:
 She dismissed the idea as irrelevant.

To have done with (a subject) after summary treatment:

 He dismissed the thought as soon as it entered his mind.



 Discharge, release, free, remove, sack, fire, turn off.

Dismiss, free, release, discharge may all mean to set at liberty, let loose, or let go. Dismiss, meaning to send away,usually has the meaning of forcing to go unwillingly (to dismiss an employee), but may refer to giving permission to go: The class was dismissed before time. Discharge, meaning originally to relieve of a burden ( to discharge a gun), has come to refer to that which is sent away, and is often a close synonym to dismiss; it is used in the meaning permit to go in connection with courts and the armed forces: The army officer was discharged from duty. Release and free, when applied to persons, suggest a helpful action. Both may be used (not always interchangeably) of delivering a person from confinement or obligation: for eg. to free or release from prison.


 The students were dismissed as soon as the lecture got over.

 She dismissed the thought as unlikely.

 The manager dismissed the suggestion as impractical.

 The office in charge was dismissed from his job.


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