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Word of the day: Distribute

Distribute To divide and give out in shares; deal out:
 To distribute household chores among family members.

To promote, sell, and ship or deliver (an item or line of merchandise) to individual customers,especially in a specified region or area:
 To distribute pamphlets.

To pass out or deliver (mail, newspapers, etc.) to intended recipients.


To divide into distinct phases:
 The process is distributed into several stages.



 Dispense, apportion, mete, allocate, hand out, sort, categorize.

Distribute, dispense apply to giving out something. Distribute implies apportioned, individualized giving, especially of something that is definite or limited in amount or number: The prizes will be distributed tomorrow. Dispense applies chiefly to giving according to need, from an organized and official source: to dispense relief material to the survivors.



 The notes were distributed to all the students in class.

 The task was distributed among the team members.

 They distributed food and clothing after the floods.

 The message was distributed using social media.


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